Hard to find tirschenreuth porcelain. free service.
German Porcelain Marks Bavaria Tirschenreuth  
German bavaria china tirschenreuth mayflower 2550 gravy boat & underplate. time left: $29.99. 0 bids. tirschenreuth bavaria porcelain lakewood china gravy ….

may 28

Tirschenreuth porcelain factory (1927) königszelt porcelain factory, königszelt (today jaworzyna Ślska), silesia (1928) history of bavaria; german brands; floor plan.  
Alt tirschenreuth 1838 germany selb, bavaria d8672. word mark: alt tirschenreuth 1838 germany: status/ status date: idiosyncratic mover.

Tirschenreuth bavarian china. sun, 08/09/2009 - 1:18pm -- pssuzz1 distinguishing marks: crown/crest emblem on back w/ number 14, tirschenreugh, bavarian, germany.

360,000 patterns in silver, china & crystal - some over 100 years old!


Search. compare. conquer. save on tirschenreuth bavaria!
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