Traditional Housewarming Poem  
A traditional housewarming bread - so you never go hungry. wine - so your life is always sweet. salt - so there is always spice in your life. and a candle - so you.

may 28

traditional housewarming gifts: bread, salt, broom. posted by joanne at 8:47 pm. we had our first guest at the box house this week. my godmother, herma.
Get ideas on funny, traditional housewarming poems and quotesquotations for housewarming greetings, from the quote garden. free printable housewarming poem. ntt; nameless - inferior.

Housewarming-poems - what is poem that goes along with bread, wine, salt, etc for a housewarming gift? : ;;a traditional housewarming: bread - so you never go h.


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